Am I eligible to be a Rotary Exchange Student?

The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is open to high school students, or those who have just graduated, who are between the ages of 15 and 18½ on departure (As of August 15 in the year of departure). It does not matter whether your parents are members of a Rotary Club - the program is open to children of Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike.

Year Exchange


Rotary offers two types of exchanges for high school students. For a truly amazing, life-changing experience, there is nothing like the long-term exchange. Students spend about a year in another country, becoming fluent in the language and immersed in the culture, and developing friendships that will last a lifetime.  Exchanges typically start in August and last until June of the following year.

Not sure about a year


Interested in a taste of the world, and willing to share yours with others? Then the short-term exchange program may be for you. Rotary's short-term exchange program usually takes place during the summer, and brings together paired families from different countries.  It usually lasts 3 weeks in the country you choose and 3 weeks here with your student match.  Exchanges usually start last part of June and occur till the start of school

Programs Offered
Interested in being a Host Family?
Do my parents have to host an inbound student? For long-term exchanges, families of outbound students are not required to host however we do strongly encourage them to host if they are able. Many, of course, choose to do so, partly because they have an empty room, but also so they can experience some of what their son or daughter is going through. We encourage that, but we also recognize that not all families are able to host.  If a family is not able to host themselves we do ask outbound students and their families to recommend any families they may know who would be interested in hosting. Most exchanges go two ways; if we send a student to that country we will typically be asked to accept a student from the country as well.  

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